PDIR™ Cleaning Process

We live in two different environments: the indoor environment and the outdoor environment. Consider what you have in each environment: in the outdoor environment you have sand, soil, oils, and pollutants; in the indoor environment you have people, assets, and resources. The goal of any cleaning program, especially for one that claims to be green, should be to reduce the impact of the outside pollutants on the indoor environment.

Keeping soils from entering the facility is the most critical and most overlooked component of floor maintenance. Highly efficient and effective floor care programs take an “outside-in” approach, beginning where the soils originate—exterior paved areas like parking garages, parking lots, and walkways. Addressing the soils before they even enter the facility offers many benefits. Preventative cleaning uses less labor, less chemical, and for lower overall cost.

The Windsor Kärcher Group program for cleaning green is based on the right processes, utilizing the right equipment, dispensing the right chemicals. The right processes are universally recognized in the industry as achieving the best possible results at the lowest possible cost—minimizing labor, chemical and water consumption. The right equipment is built to last and matched to the required tasks to maximize productivity, and the right chemicals are green and dFE approved, used sparingly and properly for each phase of the cleaning process.

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