Social Responsibility
Windsor Kärcher Group is proud to be a part of a company, Kärcher, who believes in giving back to communities at home and around the world. At Kärcher we are committed to preserving monuments, promoting science, driving research, and contributing to various social organizations. Our financial assistance spans a full gamut from promoting the arts to sponsoring sporting events to protecting the environment. Our commitment to social responsibility is backed by providing financial aid, by supplying cleaning equipment free of charge, and through the practical assistance of Kärcher cleaning specialists.

Sustainability has a long tradition at Kärcher. Alfred Kärcher and his wife Irene were of the firm belief that sustainable economic success was only possible if social aspects such as respect for others and commitment to society are taken into consideration. Our third pillar for sustainable company development, in addition to economic and social aspects, is environmental protection which has played a key role at Kärcher since the 1970's. Proof that Kärcher is fully aware of its social responsibility can be seen by its all-embracing 
guiding principles. 

Kärcher's Worldwide Cleaning and Restorations Projects
We take great pride serving our communities by using our cleaning expertise to care for national monuments around the world. We have cleaned many important works around the world ranging from Mount Rushmore to the Luxor Temple in Egypt. In total, we have cleaned over 80 structures.

Mount Rushmore





Rio de Janeiro


New York



Kärcher North America's Local Support
On the home front, Kärcher North America is involved with many local charities. Here are some of the local organizations we support with volunteering and financial aid.

Mount Saint Vincent's Home
Mount Saint Vincent has transformed the lives of thousands of abused, neglected, and traumatized children. They provide kids with a safe haven, individualized treatment, and education. Mount Saint Vincent uses the most advanced therapeutic techniques—including the groundbreaking Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics—an innovative program that helps heal these special kids. We give our time, cleaning expertise and equipment to the home to help provide a better environment for those that live and work there.

Salvation Army
Salvation Army is a Christian international charitable organization whose purpose is to aid the poor, destitute, and hungry. The organization has worldwide membership of over 1.5 million. It has a presence in 126 countries, running charity shops, operating shelters for the homeless, and providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid to developing countries.

Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House creates and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. They are part of the solution in improving the lives of children and their families by providing programs that strengthen families during their most difficult or challenging times. This organization relies heavily on their local chapters to identify needs and carry out their mission.

Rake Up, Colorado!
This unique program helps limited-income seniors in Colorado live with more independence. This annual program provides volunteer leaf raking service to over 250 seniors living throughout the state.

Cancer League of Colorado's Race for Research
Cancer League of Colorado’s mission is to secure the ultimate cure or control of cancer. It is the aim of this organization to obtain this goal through fundraising, with monies going primarily to innovative research grants and cancer-related services in the state of Colorado, as well as supporting those currently suffering, and educating Cancer League’s membership and the community. Every year we participate in theirRace for Research fundraiser. Funds raised from this event go directly to cancer research in Colorado.

Bike to Work Day
As part of our sustainability initiative we participate in the annual 
Bike to Work Day. The Denver Regional Council of Governments, or DRCOG, brings together city and county governments and other interested groups in the metro area each year to plan Bike to Work Day as a way of raising awareness of bicycle commuting. This event is a strategic annual event designed to get people to try their bikes for transportation, serving as a catalyst for them to use this alternative on a consistent basis to reduce congestion and improve air quality. 

Kärcher's World Wide Support
Globally Kärcher World Wide supports a wide range of charities. The organizations featured below are just some of what we support.

SOS Children's Villages
As part of our social commitment, Kärcher is a cooperation partner of SOS-Kinderdorf, the German branch of 
SOS Children’s Villages. In the future we will provide both financial support and our cleaning machines to this charity. The Children’s Villages will be given cleaning equipment tailored to their needs that they have chosen jointly with Kärcher employees. Training experts will provide on-site introductions for the more complex machines. “Attention to social concerns has always been a mainstay of Kärcher’s corporate culture. Likewise, support for young people has always been a high priority for us,” CEO Hartmut Jenner said. “So we are very pleased to be working with SOS Children’s Villages, an organization that shows admirable commitment in championing the needs and rights of children all over the world.“

Commitment to Our Environment
Kärcher is one of several hundred globally active companies that have signed the
Copenhagen and Cancun Communiqués. Politicians were urged to take measures against climate change and greenhouse gas emissions during the UN Climate Summit in December 2009 and December 2010. The communiqués were orchestrated by "The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change" at Cambridge University. A call was made for an ambitious, stable and equitable global agreement on climate change. The aim is to invest in low-emission products, services, technologies and infrastructures in order to ensure sustainable growth.


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