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The Windsor Kärcher Group approach to green cleaning solutions is based on utilizing the right processes, the right equipment and the right chemicals. The right processes for corporate sustainability are universally recognized in the cleaning industry as achieving the highest possible results at the lowest possible cost—minimizing labor, chemical and water consumption. The right equipment is built to last and matched to the required task to maximize productivity. It should come standard with features designed to meet green objectives at no additional expense. The chemicals should meet industry standards for green such as Green Seal, Dfe or EcoLogo,  and be used properly for each phase of the cleaning process based on the manufacturer’s instructions.


What is “Green Cleaning”

Cleaning green is comprised of an environmentally responsible application of methods and systems. Green cleaning solutions are achieved by integrating cleaning products, policies, operational procedures, methods or systems intended to minimize harmful environmental impact and maximize sustainability of the built environment.” **Source: IICRC


Windsor Kärcher Group recognizes the importance of being a responsible environmental steward. Windsor Kärcher Group has been creating green cleaning solutions and manufacturing equipment for decades that addresses indoor air quality, water consumption and lower chemical usage. Windsor Kärcher Group designs innovative equipment with smaller footprints that promote high productivity, lower budget impact, and operator safety.

Windsor Kärcher Group's Innovative PDIR™ Process Helps Make Sense of Complicated Cleaning Needs



By constructing a cleaning program that incorporates right process, right equipment and right chemicals, you create a program that achieves the true objective of green cleaning; minimizing the use of natural resources.  A corporate sustainability program that focuses on preventative, daily and interim maintenance will reduce the dependence on restorative methods to maintain the appearance of your buildings. At Windsor Kärcher Group we refer to this approach as PDIR(Preventative, Daily, Interim, Restorative), it is an "Outside-In" approach, that focuses on keeping soils outside and not in your buildings. Preventative and Interim maintenance are the lest utilized processes in the industry, yet are the simplest to implement and least expensive of the PDIR™ processes. Restorative cleaning is the least green and most expensive process, yet is where most cleaning is focused. By refocusing your program from restorative to preventative, green objectives can be met with ease.   Implementing the Windsor Kärcher Group approach to corportate sustainability should be budget neutral or even save money, since in most cases a simple re-allocation of existing resources is all that is needed. Being green is not about a single feature, product or process, but rather a combination all three.



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Who are the "Green" Authorities?


Green Building

Carpet and Rug
(CRI & Seal Approval)

Design for the

Cleaning Industry
Standards (CIMS)

Looks at a Building

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Material & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental
  • Innovation & Upgrades

Testing Of:

  • Carpet Extractors
  • Carpet Chemicals
  • Systems
    (Equipment and
  • Vacuums

Focus on Manufactured

  • Chemicals
  • Flame Retardants 
  • Electronics

Focuses On:

  • High Performance
    Cleaning Program 
  • Environment Preferable
    Cleaning Practices


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