Windsor Kärcher Group Cleaning Solutions for Hospitality

With national relationships with virtually every major hotel brand, Windsor Kärcher Group is all about improving the guest experience—making it memorable, so that guests not only return, but also make great recommendations to co-workers and friends. WIndsor Kärcher Group doesn't stop with giving you cleaner floors; we go further—designing quiet, innovative and productive machines. Windsor Kärcher Group's Sensor and Versamatic are known as the standard housekeeping vacuum all over the world.

Windsor Kärcher Group knows the greenest thing you can do is clean properly using the right process, utilizing the right commercial carpet cleaning equipment and dispensing the right chemicals. Learn how to achieve the best results with minimal costs by using Windsor Kärcher Group's Environmentally Friendly, Budget Conscious green cleaning program.

Protect Your Hotel's Assets with Preventative Maintenance
Windsor Kärcher Group offers a full line of best-in-class indoor and outdoor commercial
sweepers to help reduce the cost to maintain floors by stopping damaging soils before they enter your hotel. Not only will your guests appreciate the clean floors, but incorporating these products into your cleaning program will help reduce your overall cost of cleaning. We conducted a soil prevention survey that showed 66% reduction in the amount of soil that came into the building with the addition of a sweeping program. To read more about this survey, click here.

Make Your Hotel Cleaner through Daily and Interim Maintenance
Maintaining carpet and hard floor surfaces in your hotel daily extends their life. Windsor Kärcher Group offers commercial carpet cleaning equipment, vacuums, spotters, interim cleaners and commercial scrubbers to keep your hotel looking like new, longer.

Windsor Kärcher Group has CRI approved vacuums ranging from 12" single motor uprights to the Chariot iVac 24" HEPA ATV stand-on hard and soft floor vacuum. Windsor Kärcher Group's Sensor commercial vacuum is found in more hotel rooms than any other commercial upright housekeeping vacuum. The Sensor is known for its reliability, performance and ease of maintenance.


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Our Sensor line includes the Sensor S12, S15, XP12, XP15, and XP18.

We offer a line of interim carpet cleaners that provide a fast and easy way to improve carpet appearance between scheduled extraction. With iCapsol Encapsulation Technology, carpet is clean and dry for use in around 20 minutes. To learn more about maintaining your carpet's appearance with housekeeping vacuums, click here to view Windsor Kärcher Group's Carpet Care Guide.

Windsor Kärcher Group also focuses on providing productive, labor and cost saving solutions with the Chariot patented line of stand-on commercial housekeeping vacuums, scrubbers, extractors, and burnishers.

The Windsor Kärcher Group line includes specialty products like the Compass 2 touchless restroom cleaner and the Zephyr Steam Cleaner perfect for sauna, spa and recreation areas. The Zephyr Steam Cleaner also eliminates bed bugs! 

Restore Your Hotel's Floors with Windsor Kärcher Group's Line of Floor Care Equipment
To extend the life of your carpet, Windsor Kärcher Group offers a full line of
commercial carpet extractors in a variety of sizes to remove deeply embedded soils and restore the appearance of the carpet to as close to its original state as possible.

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