Windsor Kärcher Group Cleaning Solutions for Retail

Maintaining you retail facility is easy with Windsor Kärcher Group commercial floor cleaning equipment! Retail facilities are all looking for an edge and experts agree that clean stores provide a more enjoyable shopping experience for the customer and result in more repeat business. Windsor Kärcher Group products help stores accomplish the task of providing a clean environment and the best shopping experience. Getting the job done quickly and efficiently with the lowest environmental impact is key in keeping stores clean and customers shopping. Whether you are cleaning around customers or employees, a key point is safer, faster-drying floors.

Windsor Kärcher Group floor care equipment also helps reduce labor cost to maintain floors and extend your dollars by stopping damaging soils before they enter your store through the use of our best-in-class line of sweepers. For soils that do enter your facility, Windsor Kärcher Group commercial vacuums and automatic scrubbers remove soil on a daily basis to minimize its impact on your floors and budget.

On hard floors our patented Aqua-Mizer technology reduces the amount of chemical and water used during the scrubbing process. This not only saves you money on chemicals, but it also increases the run time between fill-ups by 50%! Increasing productivity is an easy way to stretch your budget!

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