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Who should attend Kärcher Academy Classes?

  • Sales Representatives of Kärcher and Windsor Kärcher Group distributors
  • Sales Managers of Kärcher and Windsor Kärcher Group distributors
  • Equipment Specialist of Kärcher and Windsor Kärcher Group distributors

Why should you attend Kärcher Academy Classes?

In today’s market, salespeople are faced with many challenges. At the Kärcher Academy, we teach how to tackle the art of selling commercial cleaning equipment in the field by focusing on customer needs and matching them to solutions through Kärcher and Windsor Kärcher Group equipment.


Our sales classes are built around the theme of our trademarked “PDIR Process” which focuses on helping customers understand how soil flows into their facility. Through an understanding of each step of the maintenance process (Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative Maintenance), the salesperson can help guide the customer to the best solution for them. Our classes are designed to be hands-on and interactive with attendees encouraged to exchange experiences and share tools that will fine-tune sales skills. Windsor Kärcher Group’s class is designed for both rookies and veterans in the cleaning industry. Kärcher Academy attendees have a proven track record of increased equipment sales by up to 30% over the course of the following year, and even maintain that level moving forward.


Kärcher Academy Floor Care Classes

  • PDIR 100 Floor Care – Our PDIR 100 floor care classes focus on hands-on training with the entire line of Kärcher and Windsor Kärcher Group floor care equipment. This course is ideal for anyone who is new to selling equipment, and it will provide students with a solid understanding of how the equipment operates and where it is commonly used. (3 ½ days)
  • PDIR 200 Floor Care – This 200 level course provides an overview of our entire lineup of Kärcher and Windsor Kärcher Group floor care products and focuses on target markets of which the students are calling, the cleaning areas and challenges that exist in those markets, and solutions to those challenges. The PDIR concept is introduced and students are given opportunities to operate the equipment within our Customer Experience Center. This class is ideal for experienced reps who want to increase their equipment sales. (3 ½ days)
  • PDIR 300 Floor Care – This class focuses on a deep understanding of PDIR and how to use it as a consultative selling tool. The class also focuses on topics such as “right-sizing” the equipment for the area the customer is cleaning, understanding how to calculate production rates and translate that to labor savings, calculating total cost of ownership of flooring, and locating waste in their customers’ processes. (2 ½ days)

All classes are held in Denver, Colorado. Registration is limited. Course dates and curriculum are subject to change.


For more information, call (800) 444.7654, ext 6024 or send an email to

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Windsor Sales Training


Class DatesStatusSchool Notes
Oct 02, 2017 - Oct 04, 2017 Available PDIR 200 Floorcare
Nov 06, 2017 - Nov 08, 2017 Full PDIR 200 Floorcare

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