Commercial Spray Extraction Cleaner

When you need the just right solution for small areas and detail cleaning reach for the Priza. The compact nature of this machine makes it perfect for tight areas and smaller jobs since it fits easily in those spaces. Even though it is a small machine, it deep cleans with authority due to its 1.67 hp vac motor. Carpets also dry up to 63% faster due to the superior design.

Smart design
• Sturdy couplings ensure a fixed connection and easy change out of accessories. Integrated solution/vacuum hose.
• Adjustable handle on the floor tool enables a safer grip and ergonomic positioning of the operator.
• Removable dirty water tank
• Easy two-switch operation

Compact for small areas
• Ideal for smaller spaces such as stairways or vehicles.
• Spray extraction for smaller areas and upholstery cleaning.

Spray extraction performance
• Carpets dry up to 63% faster than with other products.
• Solution tank can be emptied by placing suction tool in the clean water tank.
• Powerful vacuum motor means little residual moisture is left after cleaning.

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